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Piggy sweater

Nothing like secondhand shoping in Poland…. I am amazed and happy with the crazy cheap stuff I got. 1pound dresses, 20p sweaters… and, the best one yet… 50p sweater. Dark blue, with pink pigs… Only to find out at home that it has a sewn in squeeking pouch! O_O AMAZED.

And with all the clothes I got. Dresses, shirts, sweaters, a poncho, a vest, trousers…. all for about 10 pounds….


London! :)

I went to London with my friends Agnieszka and Julek.

We went to see “Love never dies” and it was tragic… tragicaly BAD. So cheesy and overly dramatic in a bad way :/ and the last scenes really made us cringe… Terrible. Waste of 32pounds :/ And that was for seats in the BACK. Eh…. But we did have fun together in London.

fetish pigs

The world is fascinating….

Fetish girls sketch

I don’t know where this is going yet…


I think I’m getting THERE again. It feels very good. I haven’t felt this inspired for a long time! 🙂

Fawn illustration

An illustration for a fantasy story I write with my friend 🙂