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The bag of a modern lady – Vivienne Westwood – 1876/2010

The bag of a modern lady – Vivienne Westwood – 1876/2010

To be honest I’m a bit meh about it… Everything is a good experiment and even if it doesn’t turn out as you would like, it’s worth trying, but I think it’s too static… and the face is not very ‘me’. I’m quite happy with the dress though. Especially it’s back 🙂

Mesely attempt at Photoshop!

Ha ha, I know I need to get some digital skills, but I just can’t get round to it… All of a sudden though, I tried a bit, and this came out 😉

The bag of a modern lady – Vivienne Westwood – 1876/2010

Victorian lady with a twist. The last sketch I did got terribly spoiled in painting, so I can’t bring myself to start coloring this one 😉 But then again, failure is all a part of the process, so we’ll see soon.

Scribble scribble

Just some doodles today…

Goth Loli mix with Thandie

I had a lot of fun styling this shoot! 🙂

Model: Thandie Ndema

Photo and styling: Katrina Conquista

Printed bags :)

Screenprinted cotton bags, edition of 25 🙂

selling on etsy:

New bag

Lovely Saturday day off work.

New Fiorelli bag. 65 pounds in Debenhams, 20pounds in TKmaxx!! YEAH!

B.Thalle Continued :)


bag designer: Briana Smith
production: Jimmy Kyriakou
stylist: Katarzyna Chlasta
photographer: Nikos Vasilakis
assistant: Dimitris Havlidis
make-up: Natasa Keramida
model: Alison Lopresti
model: Oxana Kalakina
thanks: Agnieszka Jedras
thanks: Christina Christidou
thanks: Katerina Anyfantaki
location: Hampstead Heath, London

Sinful shoes, bags and hats! :)

And the rest of the lot! 🙂 Wrath:



Seven Deadly Accessories :D

Envy, Gluttony and Pride