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Photoshoot with Lucyna Gmaj

This time, monochromatic.

Model and styling (including making the dress): Lucyna Gmaj

Photography: me


Photoshoot with Lucyna Gmaj

Yet another photoshoot with my friend Lucyna. The brilliant dress is of her design. I simply love that fabric. (She reminds me of Jane Eyre in these photos 😉 )




Early Bird pt.4

Early Bird pt.3

Early Bird pt.2

Early Bird pt.1

First part of the sunrise photoshoot, with my friend Marzena 🙂 Enjoy.

The styling was so much fun on this one! 🙂

Concept art – Powder

Sketching a bit lately…

Victorian yellow

Just trying to get back to the drawing routine. My impression of a part of a painting by Tissot.

Continuation of Orient

A continuation of the photoshoot I did with my friend Sumire 🙂



Another part of the photoshoot with Sumire and Berniak. Stylist and photographer – me

Theme – Mix of oriental and victorian