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Miu Miu flower dress, Fall 2010

And my fashion illustration for it 🙂

Coffee and Red

I finally have some free time, so I’m experimenting with techniques. Like coffee, which I used some time ago and really liked it and a new thing that didn’t work out for me when I first tried, but I’m doing a different approach – the corset is cut out of patterned paper.

+ red and black acrylics, ink and crayons. Truly mixed media haha

What do you think?

Tanelfenne in green

Fantasy royalty, wearing the latest fashion. A bit uncomfortable maybe? But it’s worth it!

Sumire getting dressed

My favourite photos.

Nothing like a weekend in Mogilno

I got a chance to meet up with my friend Lucyna in Mogilno, Poland. It ended up in a fun, photoshoot extravaganza! 🙂

Behold! The beautiful queen of costume!


Windsor trip!

And the last UK trip of Berniaks stay at my place… Ah we had lots of fun!