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Mesely attempt at Photoshop!

Ha ha, I know I need to get some digital skills, but I just can’t get round to it… All of a sudden though, I tried a bit, and this came out 😉

The bag of a modern lady – Vivienne Westwood – 1876/2010

Victorian lady with a twist. The last sketch I did got terribly spoiled in painting, so I can’t bring myself to start coloring this one 😉 But then again, failure is all a part of the process, so we’ll see soon.

Vintage Fair Reading – Easter

Finally a chance to wear my pooodle skirt 😀

Waiting – WIP

I don’t know what way to color it yet…

Bubble Bum Babe

Fun dolly. I might do a full on painting of this one later.

Rachel Freire AW11

Illustration of this fantastic THING. Whatever you could call it 😉 Bolero? by Rachel Freire

My illustration, a bit of an experiment 🙂

The Cult of Beauty at the V&A

I visited the exhibition in the Victoria and Albert today and really loved it. The only complaint I woudl have is that it’s too small hehe. I could go through a few more rooms like that and spend the whole day there 😉

I was especially happy to see a few Tissot paintings 🙂 This one in particular:

I also did a bit of sketching 🙂 I feel very inspired after all of it. I’m even thinking of experimenting with new techniques again.

Off-brand Lolita

Just a little insider joke for all the Lolita snobs out there hehe.

Etsy decoupage items

I’ve gone on a new etsy venture with my mother, who does beautiful decoupage items!

Check them out:


The Crimson Petal and the White

I was watching the new BBC2 costume drama – The Crimson Petal and the White, starring Romola Garai. There is something really interesting about her features and I loved her in other movies. I think I first saw her in Daniel Deronda. I’m definitely hooked on the show from the first episode.

I like how it’s filmed. Quite unusal for a costume drama, especially some effects with light/darkness and colour tints.

And then the set and costumes are brilliant. I love Sugars sense of style, dark and quite reserved.

Oh and the hairdos are amazing! I have serious curl-envy right now 😉