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Edward the Penishand

He’s so sad 😦 Don’t you just want to hug him??? …

…No. Maybe not.

Pink Pink Pink

Just a little something pink.

Mixed media.

Goth Loli mix with Thandie

I had a lot of fun styling this shoot! 🙂

Model: Thandie Ndema

Photo and styling: Katrina Conquista

Gray corset

It’s sort of weird because I’ve been interested in corsetry for years and I’ve tried on many corsets but uptill now I never actually had one of my own. I don’t even know why. Nothing just ever satisfied me, or I didn’t have enough money, or I didn’t feel I’m slim enough, but now, finally I got myself one, and I love it already.

I thought the first one I will get will be black, to go with everything, but there was just something about this one. I have a lot of gray stuff and black will go with it too. Aaahh… I’m just so happy with it! 😀

Erotica 2010

My outfit for Erotica 2010. Seeing Dita von Teese live was amazing! I have a lovely autograph with a weird request above my desk 😀 I hope she doesn’t think it was a stupid request 😦 I got really nervous and panicked a bit haha.

Ditas dress in the Opium Den show was the sparkliest thing I have ever seen haha!

I got myself a corset from Bibian Blue < they had fantastic stuff! I got this one:

There was too much beautiful corset stands in general. Unfortunately, 300pounds is not my range yet 😦

My outfit for the event 🙂 –

All the preformers were truly fabulous and I’ve been telling that to so many people I don’t have any more energy to write about it again haha 😉


Some photos of my lovely friend Edyta 🙂

DSQUARED2 FW 2010/11

I felt like there was something really stiff in my drawings lately and needed to seriously just loosen up. The new Dsquared2 campaign came to me as a massive inspiration. I love the colour scheme, photoshoot, textures. I might actually do a series of illustrations on it 🙂

Ebay artworks

I put three of my illustrations on Ebay 🙂


The moon hat – Phillip Treacy

Fashion illustration for Tracys hat

my illustration:

Phillip Treacy mask

Inspired by a Phillip Treacy mask from Vogue Paris

my illustration:

A girl in the straw

model: Sariel

Photo and styling: me


Just some sketchyness again 😉


Printed bags :)

Screenprinted cotton bags, edition of 25 🙂

selling on etsy:

Dolce and Gabbana shoes for sale! :)

Details on ebay!

Fashion portrait – Berniak

Fashion illustration portrait, done with these reference photos :):

Tanelfenne in yellow

🙂 Fashionable elf girl

Robert Best inspired

Inspired by the WONDERFUL works of Robert Best:

Joan – Mad Men – Sketch

First sketch for and illustration of Joan from Mad Men 🙂

Life drawing

I went to a life drawing session today and I had lots of fun! 🙂



Just a little blue fashion illustration…