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Degree Show

And here are some photos from my degree show. Seven Deadly Sins fashion illustration and design.

Seven Deadly Sins – LUST

And nothing like some lustful fetish accessories :>

Sinful shoes, bags and hats! :)

And the rest of the lot! 🙂 Wrath:



Seven Deadly Accessories :D

Envy, Gluttony and Pride

Seven Deadly Shoes – Gluttony and Envy

Seven Deadly Sins – PRIDE, SLOTH

Finished works 🙂

Sinful shoes

Avarice shoe:

Vanity shoe:


Sloth – Work in progress

Finally back to sketching. Writing essays was killing me!

New artwork – Envy, Wrath, Gluttony

And the finished pieces 🙂




Apr 7, 2010

Prototype for the envy dress…
At first, the obvious idea was to do another massive gown in green, but this was what came out of more thinking. It’s close to the body, tight fitting, but very conscious. With only the green at the top, showing little flesh.

Coat design in the colour palette for Gluttony.