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‘About’ illustration

Ah… I’ve been so unproductive painting wise.

This is the first illustration I’d done in a good few weeks. I was so busy with work, overtime, holidays and lots and lots of writing!

Here is a little illustration for the ‘About’ section of a new website I’m doing with my co-writer friend 🙂

WKD Fonda lingerie

… and new blog! 🙂

I have decided to go on a new venture and get a seperate blog just for illustration of fetish fashion, corsets, lingerie, etc.

This will stay as a more personal log of different illustration, book covers, photos and painterly experiments 🙂

I invite you all to the first post on my new blog, CORSETKISSES 🙂

New potfolio site


A new version of my portfolio site 🙂


A set of new photos from a photoshoot with my friend Joanna


Sensation Modern Art Exhibition

Sensation Modern Fine Art International Artists Group Exhibition

June 2nd-16th, 2011
At 133-137 Westbourne Grove. Notting Hill, London, W11 2RS

The Patrons of Sensation Modern Exhibition are:

Louis-Philippe d’Austricourt, Prince of Arganville, New York

Charles-Henry d’Austricourt, Prince of Arganville

The Exhibition will be open every day from 2 pm until midnight.

I had a fantastic time, actually getting to see all the artwork. The building is massive and the atmosphere was great. I was there in particular to see the artwork of Julius Lewandowski. I have seen his work before, but this time was just blown away by the scale of the exhibit. Especially one of the works, with an image of a very fluid, decorative, pink, greek orgy is fantastic to see in person, becaulse of it’s scale.

And some more photos: (more…)

Oxford trip! And… “Out of the Blue”

I went with Berniak to Oxford today. Fantastic shoping spree and loads of fun.

And then in the street we saw the acapella band from the Oxford University – “Out of the Blue” :)) Some videos from me:

Only at home I found out they were at Britains got Talent:

Picnic time!! :D

Picinc with my friend Berniak in the Forbury park, Reading :))) Strawberries and cream from my brand new, beautiful picnic basket ❤


Vintage Fair Reading – Easter

Finally a chance to wear my pooodle skirt 😀

The Cult of Beauty at the V&A

I visited the exhibition in the Victoria and Albert today and really loved it. The only complaint I woudl have is that it’s too small hehe. I could go through a few more rooms like that and spend the whole day there 😉

I was especially happy to see a few Tissot paintings 🙂 This one in particular:

I also did a bit of sketching 🙂 I feel very inspired after all of it. I’m even thinking of experimenting with new techniques again.

Vintage fair bargains

Oh I’m such a shopaholic!!!

and this black fur (faux) coat!… it was just calling out to me!!