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Concept art – Powder

Sketching a bit lately…

Swimming in yellow and blue

The bag of a modern lady – Vivienne Westwood – 1876/2010

Victorian lady with a twist. The last sketch I did got terribly spoiled in painting, so I can’t bring myself to start coloring this one 😉 But then again, failure is all a part of the process, so we’ll see soon.

Pink babe


Lemon. Not Lime.

Can you imagine that!? A HINT of a background! Working hard! 😉


Doodling this lovely model… I’m not sure about the colors though.

By the sea

Feeling summery in the middle of winter 🙂

Olive Girl

Random girlie in a corseted outfit


Just two sketches of ladies drawn in the waiting room to the doctors. Being ill sucks 😦

Flower dolly

Just doing what comes naturally to relax and unwind. I can’t even pinpoint where it comes from. It just does. I love the corseted form.

I wore a corset today and it felt so good. As if it contains your body and protects it from the outer world.

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