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“Birthday Burglar”

So here’s something different πŸ™‚

A cover I did for this free gay wrotica short story by K.A. Merikan called “Birthday Burglar” πŸ˜‰

You can find more about the story here –

Griffith Reynolds

A character from ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’, a story I write with my best friend as K.A. MerikanΒ 

Not yet available in English πŸ˜‰

Inspired by some Burberry outfits

Dragonling sketch

A little dragonling sketch for J. C. Harker and her fantasy stories in the Uutta Toivoa universe πŸ™‚

Illustration for Aley

Illustration for Aley from

The Lion and the Unicorn

Illustration/Poster for a new story I’m writing with a friend

It’s a romance novel based in an exclusive high school in Rio πŸ˜‰


Lush Christmas products illustration

Illustration for Amelia’s Magazine, featured here:

Inspired by three new Christmas products from LUSH –

Golden Wonder

Gingerbread House

Buche de Noel

Details of the illustration:

This was such a fun assignment and I am really happy with the outcome! πŸ™‚


YSL Opium

Two of my illustrations in Amelia’s Magazine.

Bigger versions and detail shots here! πŸ™‚

The 2010 ad Yves Saint Laurent with Sophie Dahl:

And the 1977 ad:

Fashion illustration for Amelia’s Magazine

Another illustration of mine featured in Amelia’s Magazine πŸ™‚

Article by Matt Bramford on the 3rd Annual Fashioning the Future Awards.

My illustration in Amelias Magazine

A very interesting project to do! I had fun with all that splatter ;D

My art on wood

My latest work, ‘Midnight picnic’, udes to decoupage some item. Decoupage done by my mom πŸ™‚