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Photoshoot with Lucyna Gmaj

I wanted this one in a separate post as it’s quite different from the others 🙂

Model and styling (including making the dress): Lucyna Gmaj

Photography: me

Photoshoot with Lucyna Gmaj

This time, monochromatic.

Model and styling (including making the dress): Lucyna Gmaj

Photography: me

Midnight Picnic

Nothing like some McDonalds in the middle of the night… Very elegant

Early Bird pt.1

First part of the sunrise photoshoot, with my friend Marzena 🙂 Enjoy.

The styling was so much fun on this one! 🙂

Victorian yellow

Just trying to get back to the drawing routine. My impression of a part of a painting by Tissot.

The bag of a modern lady – Vivienne Westwood – 1876/2010

Victorian lady with a twist. The last sketch I did got terribly spoiled in painting, so I can’t bring myself to start coloring this one 😉 But then again, failure is all a part of the process, so we’ll see soon.

Elphaba from Wicked

My version of Elphaba 🙂

Pink Pink Pink

Just a little something pink.

Mixed media.

Robert Best inspired

Inspired by the WONDERFUL works of Robert Best:


Just a little blue fashion illustration…

Tanelfenne in green

Fantasy royalty, wearing the latest fashion. A bit uncomfortable maybe? But it’s worth it!

Degree Show

And here are some photos from my degree show. Seven Deadly Sins fashion illustration and design.

Seven Deadly Sins – PRIDE, SLOTH

Finished works 🙂

New artwork – Envy, Wrath, Gluttony

And the finished pieces 🙂




Mar 11, 2010


Jun 17, 2009


Fun in beetween commissions 😉

Mar 30, 2009

I had a wonderful fantasy-like photoshoot with my friend Sumire last weekend afte the Pyrkon 2009 fantasy convention 🙂 It was loads of fun and the photos turned out fantastic 🙂