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Illustration for Aley

Illustration for Aley from

Concept art – Powder

Sketching a bit lately…

Maldoror – FWP

Illustration of a beautiful red dress by Maldoror Low Couture from his show “The Accuser” at Fashion Week Poland 🙂

The dress:

And my illustration:

I’ll put it on my etsy soon 🙂

Swimming in yellow and blue

Bubble Bum Babe

Fun dolly. I might do a full on painting of this one later.

Sketch in blonde red

Scribble scribble

Just some doodles today…

Pink babe


Lemon. Not Lime.

Can you imagine that!? A HINT of a background! Working hard! 😉


Doodling this lovely model… I’m not sure about the colors though.

By the sea

Feeling summery in the middle of winter 🙂

Olive Girl

Random girlie in a corseted outfit

Flower dolly

Just doing what comes naturally to relax and unwind. I can’t even pinpoint where it comes from. It just does. I love the corseted form.

I wore a corset today and it felt so good. As if it contains your body and protects it from the outer world.

(click for bigger version)

Pink Pink Pink

Just a little something pink.

Mixed media.

Goth Loli mix with Thandie

I had a lot of fun styling this shoot! 🙂

Model: Thandie Ndema

Photo and styling: Katrina Conquista

DSQUARED2 FW 2010/11

I felt like there was something really stiff in my drawings lately and needed to seriously just loosen up. The new Dsquared2 campaign came to me as a massive inspiration. I love the colour scheme, photoshoot, textures. I might actually do a series of illustrations on it 🙂

The moon hat – Phillip Treacy

Fashion illustration for Tracys hat

my illustration:

Printed bags :)

Screenprinted cotton bags, edition of 25 🙂

selling on etsy:

Robert Best inspired

Inspired by the WONDERFUL works of Robert Best:

Miu Miu flower dress, Fall 2010

And my fashion illustration for it 🙂

Coffee and Red

I finally have some free time, so I’m experimenting with techniques. Like coffee, which I used some time ago and really liked it and a new thing that didn’t work out for me when I first tried, but I’m doing a different approach – the corset is cut out of patterned paper.

+ red and black acrylics, ink and crayons. Truly mixed media haha

What do you think?

Fetish girls sketch

I don’t know where this is going yet…

Musical Girl

Now that I found a job in Reading I feel more relaxed and I can paint again 🙂

Here is a musial girl, something I did on my dads request 😉

Degree Show

And here are some photos from my degree show. Seven Deadly Sins fashion illustration and design.