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Guns’n’Boys – season 3 – Poster

I’ve been working on this for the past three days and I’m very happy with the outcome 🙂 It’s an illustration/promo poster for a story I write with my friend Berniak.

It’s a gay mafia-romance story. Maybe someday I’ll translate it into english, but I don’t have time for that now unfortunately.

Please click, as it’s quite big 🙂

Maldoror – FWP

Illustration of a beautiful red dress by Maldoror Low Couture from his show “The Accuser” at Fashion Week Poland 🙂

The dress:

And my illustration:

I’ll put it on my etsy soon 🙂

Swimming in yellow and blue

Nell Brinkley inspired

Just some sketches inspired by wonderful artwork of Nell Brinkley 🙂

The bag of a modern lady – Vivienne Westwood – 1876/2010

The bag of a modern lady – Vivienne Westwood – 1876/2010

To be honest I’m a bit meh about it… Everything is a good experiment and even if it doesn’t turn out as you would like, it’s worth trying, but I think it’s too static… and the face is not very ‘me’. I’m quite happy with the dress though. Especially it’s back 🙂

Oxford trip! And… “Out of the Blue”

I went with Berniak to Oxford today. Fantastic shoping spree and loads of fun.

And then in the street we saw the acapella band from the Oxford University – “Out of the Blue” :)) Some videos from me:

Only at home I found out they were at Britains got Talent:

Picnic time!! :D

Picinc with my friend Berniak in the Forbury park, Reading :))) Strawberries and cream from my brand new, beautiful picnic basket ❤