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Midnight Picnic

Nothing like some McDonalds in the middle of the night… Very elegant

Elphaba from Wicked

My version of Elphaba 🙂

Winter Look! :)

It’s snowing outside, so it’s time to dress up warm. No reason to lose style though! 🙂

I LOVE my cosy winter hat! ^^

And I found a lovely dress I think I’m going to waar for New Years! 🙂 YAY SALES.

The moon hat – Phillip Treacy

Fashion illustration for Tracys hat

my illustration:

Degree Show

And here are some photos from my degree show. Seven Deadly Sins fashion illustration and design.

Sinful shoes, bags and hats! :)

And the rest of the lot! 🙂 Wrath:



Seven Deadly Accessories :D

Envy, Gluttony and Pride